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Losing Weight
Losing Weight is Never Easy
We recognize that the cause of obesity of often multifactorial and as such, is not always just a matter of self-control or calorie intake. We employ a multidisciplinary team of professionals to assess a patient's particular needs, support their efforts and help solve their problem forever.

Our team will customize a weight-loss plan that includes both nutritional and fitness components. Unlike other commercial weight-loss programs, ours will always ensure effectiveness, security and the ever-important protection of muscle mass.

Individualized Programs
We help patients assess their "Mental Weight", a measure of one's readiness to change and blocks to effective weight control. Using the "Slim from Within" program, with its 12 minutes per day of positive programming, patients will be able to change their behaviour towards food.

In development of customized programming, our patients will proceed through medical and nutritional assessments, body composition and fitness evaluations.

All will also be offered the opportunity to participate, along with thousands of other patients, in an international scientific research study that monitors hypertension, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight. Patients may consult their individual files through a secure site to see the measurable benefits weight-loss has on their health.

Repetition and motivation can help guarantee success. Our studies confirm that an impressive 82% of our patients maintain their weight after four years with our current maintenance program, far higher than the North American average.

Our weight loss programs are based on balanced, calorie reduced diets
Low calorie diets (800-1200 calories/day) are available through the use of various supplements
Amount of weight loss varies; we aim for 2 lbs./week
Diets will be supplemented with recommended vitamins and minerals
Programs include weekly appointments with physician and nutritionist
Fitness evaluations by a kinesiologist are available
Eating and attitude evaluations by a psychologist available
Initial evaluation takes approximately one and a half hours
Diet will start the following week
Initial fees include medical, nutritional, psychological and fitness assessments, as well as body composition analysis, cassette tapes, books and other materials
Extended medical benefits may cover significant portion of fees
VISA, Mastercard and Interact are accepted
Please remember to bring your OHIP card to every visit
There is no charge for patient advice and support by phone
We also offer a supportive weight maintenance program for those who have lost their weight

From now on, you are not alone. Our team is there to help you. Contact us for a complimentary consultation today!