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Our Philosophy

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A Multidisciplinary Approach
We believe that there are a variety of factors that may contribute to a person's physical condition or at-risk-for-disease quotient. For that reason, we employ a multidisciplinary team of health professionals for both the assessment and treatment of an array of health issues.

We Are Patient Centered
Our patient-centered approach utilizes motivational and cognitive-behavioural techniques as its cornerstone, with diet and exercise as essential components. We believe that the key to sustained weight management is the maintenance of motivation and an unyielding focus on meaningful goals. As such, our team remains steadfast in its support of all members, often by going that extra mile with supportive telephone contact or written correspondence with patients.

Positive, Customized Approach
The Preventive Health Centre is associated with the Maurice Larocque & Associates (MLA) clinics that subscribe heavily to the notions of motivation and self awareness. Unlike other commercial approaches, ours is always positive and provides ongoing support and reward to patients throughout their efforts to reach and/or maintain their particular weight, fitness or overall health goals.

We are medically-supervised and treat conditions, such as obesity, as a disease. Our approach is multifaceted and serious in nature. Our individualized treatment programs, compassion, empathy and support extended to all patients is what sets us apart, granting us an inspiring 82% success rate of patients who maintain their weight for at least four years on our current program.

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