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Preventive Health

Preventing Disease Before it Occurs
There are new areas in the practice of medicine that deal with the prevention of disease before it occurs. Many illnesses are considered preventable, such as some forms of cancer, Type II diabetes, and heart disease. There are a multitude of factors at play in the development of these diseases. Some of them include: heredity (genetics), environmental or other toxic factors such as smoking, poor nutrition and obesity.

Illness usually develops over a number of years. Often, we are unaware of the build-up and only realize we are ill once the disease is in a dangerously advanced stage. Reversing the process of illness requires more than just a quick fix. Healing requires consistent and deliberate care, often over a long period of time.

Prevention is for All Ages
Diseases do not just affect the older population. Unfortunately, today we are seeing more, and more young people afflicted with illnesses that are sometimes considered avoidable, such as Type II diabetes. Our goal is to help people understand and deal with their particular risk factors in preventing diseases before they start.

At The Preventive Health Centre, we consider the body as a whole and recognize the relationship between lifestyle and health. Working with our health professionals, who hail from an array of disciplines, patients will be given the tools to help them lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We offer individualized programs as well as group seminars on self-help and awareness for some of the more prevalent diseases, such as breast, prostrate, colon and lung cancers; heart disease; Type II diabetes and others.

Contact our clinic for further details or sign up for our newsletter for regular program updates.

Optimize your health! Here are some tips for leading a healthier life:

  Quit smoking
  Go for regular pap tests
  Make self breast examinations part of your monthly routine
  Mammography, sigmoid/colonoscopy and stool for occult blood
  testing when recommended by physician
  Get in the habit of using sunblock regularly
  Maintain a healthy weight
  Be happy
  Try to reduce stress by learning relaxation techniques
  and getting enough sleep
  Be physically active
  Eat healthier by:
   Following a nutritionally-sound eating program
  Reducing consumption of dietary fats and oils
  Increasing dietary fibre
  Reducing salt consumption
  Eating abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables
  Limiting caffeine, soda, and alcohol intake