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We are pleased to offer the following motivational and nutritional products to the public. Please contact the clinic directly for further information and/or to order.

  Dr. Maurice Larocque "Slim Within" Audio Cassette Series
 Acquire Positive Motivation
 Learn to Reward Yourself
 Learn to Master Stress Emotions
 Eliminate Guilt and Perfectionism
 Increase Self-Image
 Be More Assertive
 Stop Dramatizing
 Increase Success and Happiness
 Eliminate Taste for Sweets
 Be More Physically Active
 Change your Eating Habits
 Eliminate your Taste for Fatty Food
 Eliminate the Desire for Alcohol
 Stop Smoking
 Channel your Energy More Positively
 Increase Self-Confidence
  Dr. Maurice Larocque Motivational Books
 Be Thin Through Motivation
 Be Thin, Master your Emotions
 Be Thin and Self-Confident
 Be Thin Day by Day
 Weekly Counseling Series
  Eli Bay Motivational Series
 Empowered Breathing
 The Healing Light
 Expanding Focus
 Focused Relaxation
 Stop Cigarettes Now
 Cortical Relaxation
 Progressive Relaxation
 Maximizing Performance
  Protein Supplements (may require doctor's supervision)
* symbolizes "Certified Kosher" by Rabbi Joshua Toledano, Mekor Baruch, Philadelphia.
 Hot Chocolate
 Irish Cream Cocoa
 Café Amaretto *
 Café au Lait *
 Creamy Hot Cocoa Mix *
 Peach-Mango Juice
 Pineapple-Orange Juice
 Wildberry Passion Juice
 Grape Juice
 Grapefruit Juice
 Lemon Juice
 Orange Juice
 Grape Concentrate
 Peach Concentrate
 Orange Concentrate
 Tropical Concentrate
 Chocolate Shake
 Vanilla Shake
 Creamy Chocolate Shake *
 Creamy Vanilla Shake *
 Banana Shake *
 Pina Colada Shake *
 Chocolate *
 Strawberry *
 Vanilla *
 Banana *
 Double Chocolate *
 Vanilla Cream *
 Banana *
 Old Fashioned Rice *
 Strawberry Banana
 Cream of Asparagus
 Cream of Mushroom
 Cream of Leek
 Cream of Chicken
 Cream of Tomato
 Cream of Broccoli and Cheese
 Cream of Vegetable
 Seafood Cream
 Cream of Pea
 Chicken Broth
 Cream of Onion
 Cream of Mushroom *
 Original Oatmeal
 Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal
 Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
 Almond Muffin
 Chocolate Muffin
 Apple and Cinnamon Muffin
 Banana Muffin
 Maple Muffin
 Garlic Bread
 Fine Herbs Bread
 Fine Herbs
 Bacon and Cheese
 Cheese Fusilli
 Alfredo Fusilli
 Peanut Crunch
 Chocolate Chip
 Yogurt and Almond
 Lemon Yogurt
 Chocolate Supreme
 Prune Vanilla
 Chocolate Chocolate
 Peach Honey *
 Honey Coconut *
 Wild Rasberry *
 Roasted Peanut *
 Honey Almond Crunch *
 Apple Cobbler *
 Peanut *
 Lemon *
 Caramel Supreme *
 Supreme Chocolate *
 Tapus *
  Vitamins and Mineral Salts
 Total - Vit